Music Criticism Network

The Music Criticism Network provides a series of channels for the dissemination of current research on the topic, and a centre for the interaction of existing research groups and academics, allowing insights to be shared and new projects to be fostered. The Network organises international conferences and publishes research; it provides a vehicle for the dissemination of all those scientific studies on the subject at frequent conferences and symposia.

One of the aims is to create visible spaces online for all those who wish to disseminate their research, even if their work is already in progress; every scholar will therefore have a personal space, a showcase for the presentation of their work and facilities to share and discuss their results. To this is added an annual international three-day conference, organised by the Network (by its scholarly committee and members of any participating research groups), in order to convey ideas and suggestions within an international arena and to offer an up-to-date record of research on the topic.

In addition, the series Music, Criticism & Politics, which publishes major musicological monographs as well as multi-authors, multi-lingual volumes on the relationship between music and politics from XVII century to the present, will focus on the co-operation of music criticism, pamphlets and the press as a mechanism for the expression of cultural power. MCP accepts specific projects, along with the best contributions to the annual conference organized by the present Network.

An online peer-reviewed journal has also been established, the Journal of Music Criticism. The aim of this is to continue debate on the topic of music criticism. The journal, which appears once a year, accepts contributions in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German. Each issue includes articles of major scholarly interest and each of them is provided with an English summary.

The founding of a periodical of cosmopolitan scope like JMC has brought together numerous scholars of diverse nationalities. Luca Lévi Sala (New York), editor-in-chief of the journal, is supported by an editorial committee consisting of musicologists with extensive experience in the specific field – a scholarly committee of great prestige. The journal also calls on the varied expertise of external collaborators.

Last but not least, the Network provides an area of Resources, or the possibility for research groups to upload documents as part of an online archive. The documents may include pages from the musical press, historical pictures, posters, database, librettos, and so forth. All of those documents that are produced within the research groups and that find no suitable placement can therefore be included in a searchable database accessible to the Network’s user, so as to become, in time, a permanent archive for all those involved in the sphere. 

JMC Volume 3 (2019)