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I asked my friend Fran who is getting married this summer if she and her partner have thought about this at all in the planning process. That feels creepy and pushy to be likeā€¦. Are you from around here? But for some a. While I no doubt enjoy hearing about a successful wedding hookup hastily typed up over Gchat , I live for hilariously foiled or failed ones. That may sound cruel, but I believe wedding hookups enjoy a sort of suspended moral code: Since the stakes are often so low and so high at the same time I may never see them again!

So in the name of science, I asked folks for some of their best amorous wedding stories and they delivered. Here are some locally sourced, ethically produced, failed, consummated, planned and encouraged wedding hookup and hookup-adjacent stories. Read and add your own. This is my speciality. We had a light flirtation on wedding ceremony one and it escalated the second night. He eventually got so drunk he said that the Dow Jones was going up like my boobs what? I ran into him later after a late night food run, while walking back to his room with my friend.

I then had the pleasure of watching him flirt and go home with someone else. I went to bed SO early and alone. Plot twist, I had the room key for the newlyweds I decorated it earlier , so my brand new brother-in-law had to knock on our door at 1 a. Also the usher noticed my Spanx and asked why I was wearing a wetsuit. She did not. Have you smooched a stranger at a botanical garden? Had to walk of shame it in an Embassy Suites? Illustrations by Meredith Jensen. Nora Taylor is the Editor of Clever. She can frequently be found knocking things over in the greater New York City area.

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Af mature hookup dating visitor

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