Beatriz Martínez del Fresno

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Art History and Musicology at the University of Oviedo (Spain). Her field of expertise is the Musical history of Spain during the first half of the 20th century. She has published a monograph on Julio Gómez. Una época de la música española (Madrid, 1999), along with works on musical nationalism, the languages of the Silver Age and post-war music. In 1996, she pioneered a new line of research in the Spanish university on dance history, area in which she has directed five national R+D projects. She has published articles and essays on the history of Spanish dance, particularly during the period from 1915 to 1990, and has studied the dances of Sección Femenina de Falange (two of her articles are included in Brepols books Music and Francoism and Music and Propaganda in the Short Twentieth Century). She is editor of the volume Coreografiar la historia europea: cuerpo, política, identidad y género en la danza (Oviedo, 2011), Lead Researcher of the project Danza durante la Guerra Civil y el franquismo (1936-1960): políticas culturales, identidad, género y patrimonio coreográfico (MINECO HAR2013-48658-C2-2-P) and coordinator of the Research Group Música, Danza y Estudios Culturales (MUDANZES).


Universidad de Oviedo


JMC Volume 3 (2019)