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As of December , EPA had data on 2 on-site businesses. Curtis Specialty Papers, Inc. The Curtis Specialty Papers, Inc. The acre area is a former paper mill on the Delaware River. The paper mill operated until The area included buildings, a power plant and a wastewater treatment facility. Site soils and groundwater became contaminated as a result of poor waste handling. EPA worked with two potentially responsible parties on site cleanup. Activities included removal of underground and aboveground storage tanks, disposal of drums containing chemicals, and demolition of several buildings.

The parties also removed lead-based paint, asbestos and contaminated upland soil. A creek discharges into the Delaware River at the northern end of the site. Creek cleanup efforts involved removing contaminated sediments, stabilizing the bank, and restoring the creek with native vegetation. In addition to creek restoration, a former outdoor basin is now a wildlife habitat area. EPA is working with the two parties on the groundwater cleanup.

Demolition of the mill buildings is underway. EPA will continue to work with site stakeholders to support safe and appropriate reuse. De Rewal Chemical Co. Site operations resulted in the contamination of soil, surface water and groundwater.

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Where you want the melodeon set? EPA is currently cleaning up residential properties and investigating contamination on non-residential properties. You boys and gals have a good time, remember. The DeRewal Chemical Co. Superfund site occupies about 8 acres in Kingwood Township, New Jersey. From to , DeRewal Chemical Company stored chemicals on site.

Several chemical spills in led to soil contamination, and the company ended operations. Since cleanup began in , EPA has removed 60, tons of contaminated soil. EPA completed remedy construction at the site in Groundwater remediation has also been performed. EPA transferred the artifacts to Kingwood Township. The Kingwood Township Municipal Building now displays the artifacts. The state of New Jersey obtained a conservation easement from the Township in January The conservation easement includes parts of the site in the Delaware River Greenway and restricts activities that might hinder public use of the open space.

In November , the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection purchased part of the site property for open space conservation. The area provides recreational opportunities and habitat for birds. A bike path runs through the site and is a popular recreational feature. The area was originally used for a sand-and-gravel excavation operation.

It was later converted into a solid waste disposal area, which accepted municipal and construction wastes and some hazardous wastes. Facility operations contaminated groundwater and soil. Cleanup activities included installation of municipal water supply mains, landfill capping and deed restrictions.

KDC Solar built a 45,panel solar array on site. The array started operating in October The site includes a former pesticide manufacturing plant at 80 and Lister Avenue, a mile tidal stretch of the Lower Passaic River and Newark Bay. Manufacturing operations took place at the former manufacturing plant for over 30 years. Many other businesses also relied on the river and the bay for waste disposal. Over time, dioxin, metals, pesticides and other hazardous substances contaminated all three portions of the site. The CAG includes members of the community, environmental groups, residents, area businesses and municipalities.

In , land cleanup included the capping of contaminated soil and debris, construction of a slurry wall and floodwall, and groundwater treatment. Cleanup activities in and included removal and disposal of dioxin-contaminated sediments from two areas of the river. Cleanups for the remainder of the river and the bay are in the planning phases. In addition to site cleanup, the cooperative efforts of the government partners, the PRPs and the CAG have enabled local job creation. The cooperative efforts have also enabled deation of the Passaic River as an Urban Waters Federal Partnership project.

Ironbound Community Corporation and the city of Newark have worked together on riverfront tours, boat tours and educational workshops. They deed these projects to bring people to the river to learn about its past, present and future. In , the Newark Riverfront park opened adjacent to the site. It provides 4 acres of open space and features a boardwalk, a floating boat dock, a dancing pavilion, walking and biking paths, and environmental age.

In , the Dundee Dam Riverwalk Park opened on part of the site. The park runs along the Passaic River and features a bike path, park benches, black locust trees and rose bushes. Commercial, industrial, residential and ecological use continue on the site. Superfund site is located in Kearny, New Jersey. From to , operators reprocessed oil on part of the site.

The site also includes wetland areas, a drainage ditch, a small pond and a vegetated landfill. Disposal practices at the site resulted in the contamination of soil, sediment and groundwater. Archived from the original on 24 August Retrieved. Country of origin, U. Location, West Orange, New Jersey. Edison Records was one of the early record labels that pioneered sound recording and In October the Edison Diamond Disc Record was introduced.

Cleanup activities are ongoing. Cleanup includes excavation, a vegetated soil cover and wetland restoration. The site includes part of the Interstate interchange cloverleaf. The site consists of four municipal wells that are part of the Westmoreland Well Field. Cleanup activities are being conducted under state and federal authority.

NJDEP is overseeing the source removal of contaminated soil and groundwater at each facility. EPA is involved with the cleanup of contaminated groundwater migrating from the facility to the municipal wells. In , after EPA identified a third potentially responsible party PRP in the industrial park, the three PRPs agreed to install additional monitoring wells and conduct sampling of groundwater and surface water. These activities were conducted in several phases between and EPA selected a final cleanup plan to address groundwater contamination in The borough of Fair Lawn no longer uses the municipal wells as a drinking water supply source but utilizes an outside drinking water source.

Residential, commercial and industrial activities continue on the site. The former Federal Creosote Superfund site occupied about 50 acres in a residential and commercial area in Manville, New Jersey. A coal tar wood-treatment facility operated on site from to After operations ended, a developer purchased the site property.

In the s, the developer built the Claremont residential neighborhood on 35 acres of the site. This residential area included single-family homes. The remaining 15 acres of the site became the Rustic Mall, a commercial shopping center. The Rustic Mall is no longer in use.

Cleanup addressed residential areas, soil contamination at the Rustic Mall, and groundwater. EPA permanently relocated 23 property owners and demolished 18 homes. This allowed for removal of soil and materials for treatment and off-site disposal. EPA cleaned up a total of 93 residential properties at the site. Long-term groundwater monitoring and groundwater use restrictions continue to protect human health and the environment. Residential use of cleaned-up properties continues. From the s until the s, operators used the property for pesticide manufacturing.

These activities contaminated soil on the 4-acre property and some residential and commercial properties around the property. Activities also contaminated soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater downgradient of the property. Commercial, industrial and recreational use continue on the site. The Garden State Cleaners Co.

A dry-cleaning facility operated at the site from to Until , dry-cleaning operations included the improper discharge of dry-cleaning wastes. In , a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection investigation discovered volatile organic compounds in soils around the facility and in wells around the site. In response to this discovery, Buena Borough built a new water supply system and closed some private residential wells.

Cleanup activities included removal and treatment of contaminated soil as well as groundwater treatment and monitoring. This allowed EPA to access and remove contaminated soil beneath the building. EPA completed soil cleanup in September Currently the site is vacant. Zoned for commercial use, the property is available for future redevelopment. The site consists of the E. Community Resources. Visit Salt Lake Blog. Social Hub. Sustainable Salt Lake. Green Members. About Visit Salt Lake. Staff Directory.

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Beautiful mature searching online dating Edison New Jersey

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