Teresa Cascudo

Teresa Cascudo is Tenured Lecturer at the Universidad de La Rioja, where she has coordinated coordinates the Master’s Degree in Musicology. The Academic Senate of the Universidad de La Rioja appointed her as University Ombudswoman in February 2016. She currently coordinates the SEdeM (Spanish Society of Musicology) group “Música y Prensa”, which was created at her initiative in 2013. She received her doctorate at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and she has focused many of her publications on the relationship between music and nationalism in Portugal. Her current research agenda is also devoted to musical criticism and to nationalism and musical national identity in fin-de-siècle Spain, in particular to the links between music, landscape and territory. Her forthcoming publications include a chapter devoted to modernism and fin-de-siècle in the Fondo de Cultura Económica series on History of Music in Spain and the edition of the volume on Nineteenth-Century Music Criticism that will be published in 2017 by Brepols, as a part of the series ‘Music, Criticism & Politics’.


Profesora Titular del Área de Música

Edificio Vives, Calle Luis de Ulloa s/n

26004 Logroño (La Rioja)


Teléfono: 941 299 324



JMC Volume 3 (2019)