Girl on train leaving sxsw

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She also co-founded JK! The film is co-directed by Stephen Meek. The film is about two sisters that go on a road trip to save their grandmother from a nursing home that had an outbreak. ME: As we worked on the script, we knew that writing about this pandemic before we had any distance from it could be a huge mistake. We only had three months — and technically not even that because the pandemic was ongoing — but it felt so good to write something light and fun about this drudgery we were all experiencing, and I was really drawn to the simplicity of the story.

These girls just want to save their grandma. But we know they are doing what they can. Making this movie felt like that — like we were just doing what we could. ME: I hope people leave the film feeling seen and connected, like they just got to hang out with some friends who really understood what this year has been like. One of the biggest challenges was definitely how fast we made the film. We felt like speed was our friend since the future was so unknown. Who knew when this pandemic would end, let alone what the media landscape would look like?

Maybe COVID ideas would be irrelevant in a year, or too triggering for audiences, or so tired that no one would want anything to do with them. So even though festival submission deadlines were only a few months away when we came up with the idea, we decided to go for it.

We were a team of first-time filmmakers, and we had to write the screenplay in two weeks, pre-produce in two weeks, shoot in two weeks, and then get a first cut out in two weeks. All in the middle of a pandemic. Share some insights into how you got the film made. ME: We purposely tried to write something small enough to make it possible for us to completely self-fund if necessary.

ME: I think it was my older brother Beau. He was a really talented artist, and when I was in grade school he was becoming a big film buff too. He was an incredible big brother and he always made me feel welcome in his love for film, so I caught the bug too. When I was applying to film school, he tragically lost his sight, a terrible side effect from radiation treatment for a brain tumor.

ME: Your work is for you, so bring yourself into it. She captured a deeply female pain and anger in a manner that was so unpredictable, gripping, and smart, all while making me laugh out loud more than any film has in a long time. They all are. Are you keeping creative, and if so, how? ME: This is by no means a fresh perspective, but this year has taught me to focus on finding the small daily joys in my grasp instead of any kind of long-term expectations. For the introverted writer side of me, that day-to-day presence has helped massively. I actually like this.

But yeah, the extroverted actor side of me is genuinely losing her mind. We need more executives of color, directors of color, and head writers of color telling their own stories, hiring their own teams, and doing it all their way. We need more of that specificity. Sandrine Kiberlain is a French actress and singer. our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on women centric, directed, and written films and news.

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Girl on train leaving sxsw

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