Francophone Music Criticism, 1789-1914
The musical and theatrical press is central to our understanding of nineteenth-century musical culture. It provided a parallel universe to that of the theatre, church, café-concert and concert hall, giving its original reading public vicarious access to those same pleasures. Press criticism contains material that helps us grasp how music, dramaturgy and ballet were understood, and, with its wealth of detail on interpretation and production values, has tangible practical value on the operatic stage or in the concert hall today. ‘Francophone Music Criticism, 1789-1914’ responds to the importance of the press as part of a cultural history of music in a number of ways.

Music in the Theatres of Rio de Janeiro: repertoires, reception and cultural practices (1890-1920)
This is an ongoing Project funded by CNPq (Brazilian National Council for the Development of Science and Research) from 2013-2015, and now by the Brazilian National Library Research Support Program (Biblioteca Nacional – RJ, 2016-2017). One of the project’s main purposes is to map the musical circuits of the city of Rio de Janeiro during the period between 1890 and 1920. The information to feed this map is being gathered by analysing the columns dedicated to Arts and Entertainment in the newspaper O Paiz, and collecting data about the daily musical and theatrical activity in Rio de Janeiro’s theatres.

Música y danza durante la guerra civil y el franquismo
The Project Music and dance during the Spanish Civil War and Francoism (1936-1960): political appropriation, popular cultures and Hispano-American exchanges proposes the analysis of the music and dance that was created, practiced, and disseminated in Spain during the Spanish Civil War and the first two decades of the Franco regime.

Music Criticism at the Palazzetto Bru Zane (Venice)
The Palazzetto Bru Zane develops many complementary activities as part of its mission. Amongst them, the BRU ZANE MEDIABASE (Digital resources for French Romantic music), is of particular interest for Music Criticism

Film Music as a Problem in German Print Journalism
Throughout the 1920s, German-language print journalism addressed fundamental questions about the encounter between music and cinema. Prominent composers, musicologists, film theorists, and philosophers contributed to this broad discussion on the proper role and design of film music, encompassing a wide range of arguments and perspectives. This journalistic discourse on film music forms the core of the FMJ research project.

Presse musicale en France entre 1890 et 1950
The project, directed by Michel Duchesneau (Université de Montréal) and coordinated by Federico Lazzaro (University of Ottawa), gathers together the ongoing and closed research projects on the French musical press carried out by the research group Musique en France aux XIXe et XXe siècles: discours et idéologies, a team of researchers active within the Laboratoire Musique, histoire et société of the Observatoire interdisciplinaire de création et de recherche en musique.
JMC Volume 2 (2018)