Hot server at Buellton brewhouse

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Firestone Walker has a brewery for productions of beers in Paso Robles 90 miles up the coast on Highway , where there restaurant: Barrelworks , was recently opened. Barrelworks is a brand new facility that showcases a wild ale program and highlights rare barrel aged offerings. We want to treat our visitors to a truly unique experience in flavor, not just in food but in craft beer.

For those looking to expand their craft beer horizons our flagship Double Barrel Ale is a must try; a truly unique beer in its own right DBA is a blend of barrel fermented and stainless steel fermented beer which lends a great malty character married with notes of caramel and vanilla from the barrel. It began in when brothers-in-law Adam Firestone and David Walker wanted to start a brewery; craft beer was scarce in those days and there were thirsty people in wine country looking for something fresh.

The Buellton location was originally intended to be the primary brewing facility but it actually never saw production. When the SLO Brewing company went our of business their facility in Paso Robles became available for purchase and the decision was an easy one; why build a brewery from the ground up when a perfectly good one was for sale up the coast?

The Buellton restaurant had already been established and was a successful location to showcase great beer and great food so Adam and David moved brewing production from the small nondescript building on the Firestone Winery property and started brewing Paso Robles. With the brewing production now in Paso Robles the Buellton location could focus on putting our great cuisine and offering a different tasting experience for travelers from the traditional wine trail, thus the Taproom destination was born!

Skunkworks beers are some of our most sought after brews that rarely see the light of day, or a glass rather. These beers a generally used as blending components in our Anniversary beers that we put out once a year in November, with unique flavors and higher in alcohol, these barrel aged beers are extremely limited and only make appearances for special occasions at the brewery or may be found on tap at the Barrelworks from time to time.

Visitors will be treated with a 30 minute tour through the brewery and will see the interior of the brewhouse, our patented Firestone Union system in action, and packaging line both bottles and kegs. Across the street, travelers will find our ature Taproom restaurant offering 24 taps of beer, local wine and of course gastropub style fare for lunch and dinner.

Taproom is the original restaurant and Barrelworks was recently opened. Team JST work with our sponsors, shop vendors, and many more to create informative and engaging content. Jetset Times in your inbox. -up for our newsletter. Write a Comment Required Name Required Website.

Hot server at Buellton brewhouse

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