I want a calli or a arizona

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In the Grey's Anatomy Season 12 episode "Mama Tried," Callie Sara Ramirez and Arizona Jessica Capshaw take their custody battle to court after being unable to reach a settlement agreement, and one side takes the fight to an ugly and personal place. Callie is confident, and determined to take Sofia with her to follow Penny to New York, while Arizona is terrfied that, as the adoptive mom, she'll lose her daughter. Back at Grey Sloan Memorial, Alex and April try to help a pregnant teen, but run into difficulties during Arizona's absence.

Meanwhile, Stephanie finds herself regretting dumping musician Kyle guest star Wilmer Valderrama , and she's shaken when he ends up back in the hospital Before going to court, Callie and Arizona's lawyers try to broker a custody agreement between their clients, but neither mom is willing to accept what the other offers. At the end of a tense negotiation, there's only one way the fight is going to end: in court.

Someone is definitely going to get hurt, and it's probably going to be Sofia. Arizona is testifying on the witness stand, and Callie's lawyer is really going after her place in Sofia's life. Arizona staunchly defends her role as Sofia's mother, even though she adopted Sofia, and gives the lawyer a piece of her mind for questioning it. When she's interrupted by her phone, Arizona has to make a choice: stay and fight for Sofia, or rush to the hospital to save a life. Could her decision jeopardize her case?

Meredith , and alcohol, are keeping Callie company after a tough day in court. Callie admits she feels gross about the way her lawyer attacked Arizona, and wonders if she's doing everything all wrong. Meredith tells Callie that Mark used to say the same thing when Sofia was a baby.

He would call Meredith for parenting advice, because he was too embarrassed to ask Callie and Arizona. While testifying in court, Callie is asked about the day Sofia was born. Callie recounts the day she was almost killed in a horrible car accident, but fought to stay alive because she was pregnant. With a bittersweet expression on her face, Arizona arrives at Meredith's house to pick up Sofia after the judge's ruling.

When the door closes, Meredith returns to the kitchen, where Callie is sobbing. Meredith and Penny try to comfort her, while Arizona and Sofia head home. April and Jackson are closer than they've been in a long time. They start to discuss the plan for their baby's future, and how they'll share parenting and holidays. They pledge not to fight. Could April's second pregnancy bring them back together, after the first one tore them apart? How will Callie handle it? Season 12 Recaps. Season 12, Episode "Trigger Happy".

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I want a calli or a arizona

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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Callie vs Arizona: Who Won the Custody Battle?