Marida Rizzuti

MARIDA RIZZUTI is a musicologist, with a broad perspective toward Comparative Literature and cross-disciplinary approach. She has published books on Kurt Weill’s Musicals, and on the Reception of Pygmalion’s Mith in 1950’-1960’s Musicals, and essays on History of Musical from 1940 until 1990, Film Musical and Musical TV Series, Theory of Adaptation and Audio­Vision. She is currently researching on Film Music, German émigré composers to the United States, as well as on Molly Picon, the Yiddish Theatre and Jewish Music. Her prevailing interests are the American Musical Theatre of the XX and XXI Century, Exil and Diaspora Studies, Film Music and the Musical Genre’s contamination. She is Adjunct Lecture for History of Music, History of Drama and Comparative Literature at IULM University, Milan.


Selected Publications
JMC Volume 3 (2019)