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Please use this for epaper related feedback only. For other messages, please write to the newspaper's editor. Feedback can not be blank. Please feedback. We have sent the confirmation You will receive the acknowledgement with link to read this volume in your shortly. Toggle . Address. of Search Keyword. s Clips. Download Feedback About. What is the future of the powerful Foundation they head? The Gates Group: Clockwise from top Celebrity financier Jeffrey Epstein; money manager Michael Larson; venture capitalist and former girlfriend Ann Winblad Melinda Gates Bill Gates By Ravi Shankar T here is the public Bill Gates with the nerdy glasses, tousled hair, goofy smile and a wedding ring on his finger, guzzling Coke while spending billions to rid the world of disease and poverty.

So what happened to one of the coziest hand-holdingin-public romantic marriages of the tech era? The Gateses were experts at social image management, backed by a formidable corporate PR machine. Money buys protection. Billions are armour.

A law firm was brought in to investigate the matter. Epstein was jailed for sex-trafficking of girls and pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution from a minor. Epstein, who died in mysterious circumstances in a federal jail later, led a jet-set life of sexual profligacy and exploitation of underage girls; his friends The Gateses have not provided the public with reasons for breaking up.

The Gateses met Epstein at a late-night party at his Manhattan townhouse. Gates ignored her advice and two men continued to meet. The papers reported that Gates had even spoken to Epstein about being in an unhappy marriage. Soon the Microsoft founder distanced himself from the shady financier after the latter untruthfully claimed to be his investment advisor. Though there is no evidence of any wrongdoing, a disgusted Melinda hired divorce lawyers in October after the relationship between Gates and Epstein became embarrassingly public.

Details of this somewhat unconventional relationship emerged in in an article written by Walter Isaacson in Time magazine. The tech mogul and Winblad met in for the first time at a computer conference. Winblad persuaded him to stop eating meat, but not for long. Isaacson called them kindred minds and spirits. Even after the Gateses were married, Gates and Winblad had been taking a yearly weekend vacation together for over a decade at her beach cottage in North Carolina. They would ride dune buggies, hang-glide and walk on the beach.

Wallace claimed that Gates would hire strippers for naked parties in his Seattle home. The young Gates would visit some all-nude nightclubs in town and hire the dancers to swim naked with his friends in his indoor pool.

This makes them think they can do anything without facing consequences. In virus-obsessed America, conspiracy theorists soon saw the Chinese hand in Microsoft. It is being reported that in , Gates ed a female employee after a presentation for a dinner date. The general consensus is that he is not a smooth operator and has cheesy pick-up lines.

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Married women nude Shaparia

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