Music in the Theatres of Rio de Janeiro: repertoires, reception and cultural practices (1890-1920)

This is an ongoing Project funded by CNPq (Brazilian National Council for the Development of Science and Research) from 2013-2015, and now by the Brazilian National Library Research Support Program (Biblioteca Nacional – RJ, 2016-2017).

One of the project’s main purposes is to map the musical circuits of the city of Rio de Janeiro during the period between 1890 and 1920. The information to feed this map is being gathered by analysing the columns dedicated to Arts and Entertainment in the newspaper O Paiz, and collecting data about the daily musical and theatrical activity in Rio de Janeiro’s theatres. This operation also allows us to identify repertoires and musical practices that take place in other venues, such as clubs and associations, music schools, and the homes of the carioca élite. The data relative to the theatres are shown here in synthetic tables that allow us to observe, day by day, what was being done in terms of music and theatre (and sometimes circus and variety shows) in the theatres of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Side by side with the theatre programs, the project also includes the gathering of the music criticism produced by Oscar Guanabarino (1851-1937), one of the most active and respected music critics (though also polemic) in activity in Rio de Janeiro at the turn of the 20th century.

The Research Group

NELM – Núcleo de Estudos Literários e Musicológicos / Literary and Musicological Studies Group

Director: Viviana Mónica Vermes


– Researchers: Adelcio Camilo Machado, Fernando Lacerda Simões Duarte, Heloísa de Araújo Duarte Valente, Isabel Porto Nogueira, Paulo Augusto Castagna, Tânia da Costa Garcia, Wilberth Claython Ferreira Salgueiro

– Students: Adriana Falqueto Lemos, Brenda Juliana Machado da Silva, Cassiano Antunes da Silva, Jorge Luís Verly Barbosa, Laise Borges Archanjo, Lorena Santos de Araújo, Maria Esther Torinho, Ricardo Costa Salvalaio, Wallas Gomes Zoteli

– Administrative Assistant: Mayara Thayane Santos Ferreira

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