Premarital sex in Hardin Texas

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They met at Hardin-Simmons and began dating in January of , and one year later they are engaged! The couple is an encouragement to many people at HSU and plans to marry later this year. We started as friends when our FYSMs began to collide to create one giant friend group. My best friend and roommate, Sydney Graff, was in Honors with Jonathan, so she had a good friendship with both of us. She spotted a special connection between Johnathan and me early on and encouraged us, along with the rest of our friends, that we would make an amazing, healthy couple.

We missed each other a lot during the COVID break but were more than excited to return to school in the fall. Both of our hearts were in very different places and still sort of stuck in some old, unhealthy high school habits. However, over the span of a few months and some growing pains due to the Lord working extra hard on both of our hearts, the second semester began, and Jonathan asked me on a date to coffee. We both knew we liked each other a lot, so we openly communicated and told each other we wanted to pursue a relationship with each other on our first date.

It felt so comfortable, so right, and I had so much peace from the Lord. I knew Jonathan was different early on, as cliche as that may be to say. After only a few months into the relationship, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Not only that, but we realized our relationship was looking to be quite different than societal norms. The decision to get married during college was discussed frequently, and Romans lessened my fear and gave me peace about that. The support from our families and community was incredible and affirming, too.

Again, it was all comfortable, right, healthy, and God-honoring. Jonathan got down on one knee a few weeks ago on a snow day after our premarital class. Surrounded by candles, Abilene snow, and the gazebo lights, he asked me to marry him. After I said yes, the overwhelming love and cheering from our friends patiently waiting for us in Behrens lobby was so cool.

They went all out for that little engagement party with only a few hours to prep! We are so grateful for them. Again, the community here is unreal, and God is working on this campus. I took full advantage of the snow day even though I was not planning on proposing that day. At about 3 p. It was truly amazing. Right now, we are wedding planning, and it could not be more fun. Q: What have been some of the biggest lessons you have learned from each other and from being in a relationship?

Even if we got along well and could sacrifice, we would be missing out on the most life-giving part of the relationship. Gretchen and I believe that God created marriage to be a reflection of Christ and the Church. Going back to its creation, we believe that the goal of marriage is to glorify God, so our pre-marital relationship should do the same. I encourage anyone who re our story to love Christ before and more than you do your ificant other and future spouse. I do not doubt that Christ is what has made this relationship so beautiful and authentic, and here we are now engaged a year later!

The amount that our HSU community, faculty and students, have poured into our lives and our engagement has been so special. We look up to so many relationships, dating and married, here at HSU. I pray that we continue to glorify God in all of our thoughts, words, and actions, and that we can use our current relationship and future marriage to fulfill His mission and further the Kingdom.

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Premarital sex in Hardin Texas

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