Presse musicale en France entre 1890 et 1950

The website by Michel Duchesneau (Université de Montréal) and coordinated by Federico Lazzaro (University of Ottawa), gathers together the ongoing and closed research projects on the French musical press carried out by the research group Musique en France aux XIXe et XXe siècles: discours et idéologies (ÉMF:, a team of researchers active within the Laboratoire Musique, histoire et société (LMHS: of the Observatoire interdisciplinaire de création et de recherche en musique (OICRM:

It features a database ( that indexes several thousand press excerpts, most of which are available online. It also proposes an in-progress dictionary of journals ( and an in-progress dictionary of music critics (

Two ambitious ongoing projects are a history of French music aesthetics as seen through the musical press (presented here: and a collection of articles about music in the non-musical press. Other projects (in progress or completed) aim to collect specific corpora about a composer, a critic, a work or a topic, or at indexing one journal.


Michel Duchesneau (Université de Montréal)

Michel Duchesneau

Federico Lazzaro (University of Ottawa)

Federico Lazzaro

JMC Volume 3 (2019)