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The thinking goes: Voters can't be biased, because women win at the same rates as men. He, along with co-authors Scott Ashworth and Ethan Bueno de Mesquita, built an election model, described in a new working paper , that shows you can only explain the current gender gap in U. So why the low s of women? The authors posit that the anticipation of real voter bias le only the most qualified women to run in the first place. So you have this self-selected group of women who are from a higher end of the distribution than the men who run. What does that mean for fixing the gender gap in U.

Other countries have enacted policies like gender quotas to even the playing field. But assuming quotas are unlikely to be adopted in the U. Another way this could improve: voter bias pushing in the opposite direction. Happy Friday. For the first time in history, women will hold more than 30 percent of seats in state legislatures in , with a record of at least 2, seats, according to the Center for American Women and Politics.

Thanks to Maya Parthasarathy for filling in last week. Thanks to Daniel Lippman for sending us news. Send your holiday cheer to [ protected]. And it could deny a springboard to potential Harris competitors in if Biden decides to retire after one term rather than running for reelection in his 80s. Now that President-elect Joe Biden has passed over Flournoy, those same women are outraged over what they say is a missed opportunity to make history.

Her selection, announced Monday, could al a sharper government focus on gender inequities and vulnerable populations when it comes to rolling out COVID vaccines. Unlike other senior level advisers, the CDC director does not require Senate confirmation. Walensky will be the third woman to run the CDC. Can you guess the top 10? See the full ranking. Another senior FBI official left after he was found to have sexually harassed eight employees. Yet another high-ranking FBI agent retired after he was accused of blackmailing a young employee into sexual encounters.

An Associated Press investigation has identified at least six sexual misconduct allegations involving senior FBI officials over the past five years, including two new claims brought this week by women who say they were sexually assaulted by ranking agents. Beyond that, federal law enforcement officials are afforded anonymity even after the disciplinary process runs its course, allowing them to land on their feet in the private sector or even remain in law enforcement.

The move inspired Dominika Miszewska , a medical student at the University of Warsaw in Poland, to figure out how much women spend on personal sanitary products over their lifetimes. The question is an especially complicated one this year, as Americans enter a holiday season that will unfold at the peak of the worst pandemic in a century. And this year, like the three years before this one, she did. This custom is just a grander, highly visible version of the dynamic that governs two-parent households headed by heterosexual couples all over America. Men are more likely to put up exterior lights and animatronic reindeer; women spearhead the cleaning and preparation for family visits, decoration and craft projects, cooking, gift-wrapping, and the intangible but crucial task of managing the mood and making sure that everyone is having a good time.

Claudia, a teacher, wakes up alone in bed in her London flatshare. The weekend stretches out before her, an interminable expanse to be filled as best she can — with walks, and TV, and more walks. Sometimes, she finds it hard to summon the motivation to get out of bed. She will be 34 next month, single, no closer to finding a partner to have kids with.

Even if she did meet someone next year, say, would they be ready to start conceiving within a year? Probably not. That could mean she will be 36 before she even starts trying — if she meets someone next year. It feels hopeless. And women who had planned to travel abroad for fertility treatment were unable to leave the UK, due to the travel restrictions.

Once-solid relationships collapsed under the stress of a global pandemic, leaving women in their late 30s who want children searching for new partners. Reading from a sheaf of prepared papers, she asked Jack Dorsey, the C. Elaborating, she read in full a tweet that President Trump had disseminated on November 7th, falsely claiming to have won the Presidential election. Feinstein seemed sharp and focussed.

For decades, she has been the epitome of a female trailblazer in Washington, always hyper-prepared. But this time, after Dorsey responded, Feinstein asked him the same question again, reading it word for word, along with the Trump tweet. Her inflection was eerily identical. Feinstein looked and sounded just as authoritative, seemingly registering no awareness that she was repeating herself verbatim.

Dorsey graciously answered the question all over again. Lazar never used to worry about these men. That has all changed in the pandemic. While tipped workers — 70 percent of whom are women — were always somewhat beholden to their customers, the coronavirus economy has given the customer far more power, leaving servers vulnerable to sexual harassment and health risks, as many customers refuse to respect the restrictions necessary to keep servers safe. Struggling to get by, servers are more reliant on tips than they used to be.

When she woke, she examined her left side for lumps but felt nothing. She had the same dream twice more. The final dream, she said, prompted her to go to her primary care physician. Khan persisted and asked for one anyway. The mammogram identified a precancerous cell on the left side of her left breast. Luckily, she also had health insurance, which covered the cost of her mammogram. Preventive Services Task Force. But these guidelines can leave women of color especially at risk, including women of South Asian descent like Khan. A Harvard study found that breast cancer diagnoses in the 40 to 49 age range are more common for Black, Hispanic, Ashkenazi Jewish and Asian women.

The study posits that national mammography guidelines may have been created using data from largely White populations, which could explain the under-screening of younger women of color. According to the American College of Radiology, in the United States, 50 percent of breast cancers that end in death are diagnosed in women before the age of The film is packed with pandemic-free, Christmastime touchstones.

She is currently a project editor at WaPo. Self-awareness and understanding not just your own personality but those around you is critical to success — especially in the field of government relations. Feedback is an opportunity for growth and learning. Katelyn Fossett KatelynFossett.

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Sexy Mesquita girls

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Lymphatic Function and Dysfunction in the Context of Sex Differences