Submit a Proposal to MCP Series

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the MCP Series, please fill the form below in.

You will be put in touch with the General Editor of the Series, Luca Lévi Sala, who will make a decision about whether or not your project is suitable for the Series itself.

Here you can find our proposal guidelines.

As we receive quite a bit of correspondence from authors, the more well-organized and thorough a proposal you submit, the more attention and serious consideration it is likely to receive.

Here are some qualities of a good proposal:

– Put your name, the book’s title, and ‘proposal’ in the subject field.

– Include a table of contents as well as a short abstract of each chapter.

– Submit the proposal as a Word document and not as a .pdf.

– Include a brief Bio and a list of your scholarly publications.

– If you are proposing an edited collection, provide all the contributor’ biographies in a Word document.

JMC Volume 3 (2019)